Official Transcript Request

You can submit your transcript request by mail or email to Include the following information on your request:

  • First and Last Name (include name attended under if different)
  • Oxbow Semester/Year attended
  • Complete address where transcript is to be sent
  • A phone number where you can be reached
  • Your current mailing address

Requests sent by mail should be sent to:

The Oxbow School
Attn: Registrar
530 Third Street
Napa, CA 94559

*Families are required to clear all financial obligations due to The Oxbow School before transcripts are mailed. Allow at least 5 business days for transcript processing.

Teacher Recommendations

Recommendation Requests for Colleges & Scholarships

As alumni, you may request a letter of recommendation from one of your Oxbow faculty once you have completed your Oxbow semester. Please give us at least three weeks notice to write any recommendations. We want to do a good job for you, and that takes some time! When you ask for a recommendation, give us the following:

Include in your e-mail request:

  1. Your name and (if you are an alum) your Oxbow semester (OS)
  2. Your contact information including current address, e-mail and a cell phone number
  3. A list of the colleges to which you are applying and the mailing or email address where the recommendation is to be sent
  4. The deadline date for each college’s letter

Most college applications are now offered digitally. This is the most efficient method for Oxbow faculty. When completing your application on-line, there will be a section for “Teacher Recommendation.” Simply insert the required information and the institution (for example, the Common Application) will generate an e-mail directly to the faculty member whose letter you have requested. If you are NOT submitting your application digitally, please forward any necessary materials to us:

Also include and/or attach:

  1. The recommendation form for each college. If you are using the Common Application, include a copy for each college. Fill out all of the information on the form that you can complete, including Oxbow’s address and such. If the school does not use a form, please note that for us in your e-mail.
  2. Notes to jog our memories about you (especially if you are an alum) and help us write a really great letter. Some topics you can address:
    • Your most memorable project or paper in our class
    • Your Final Project
    • A time when you used something you learned in our class outside the classroom
    • A class you participated in very actively
    • The challenges you faced in our class/at Oxbow and how you overcame them
    • Interactions with us (inside or outside class) that were significant to you and why they were important
    • Ways you contributed to Oxbow outside the classroom (community interactions, dorm life and such)
    • Do you plan to study our subject in college? (It’s okay to say no.)
    • What was your grade in our class? We suggest that current students apply first to their advisors for recommendations, and that alums apply first to the Head of School. However, note that some colleges may specifically require an academic teacher’s recommendation. Be sure to send your e-mail request to a specific faculty member and/or the Head of School.

Download the recommendation request guidelines (pdf).