Alex Keilty

Director of Residential Life, Environmental Science

After earning his BA in Psychology at the College of St. Benedicts/St. John's University in northern Minnesota, Alex taught outdoor education focused on ecology, adventure and agricultural science. Developing questions about the feasibility and potential for stewardship agriculture, Alex spent several years working on and managing pastured livestock, orchards and mixed vegetable operations with an eye towards sensible and modern land use management and food cultivation. These experiences have provided Alex anĀ appreciationĀ for the complexity of our contemporary food system and its capacity to distill and make visible greater land use dilemmas. In his courses, he is most interested in the various questions surrounding finding the balance between environmental crises and feeding the planet. Alex's approach to teaching agroecology focuses on the craft of land-stewardship, the wonder of biological processes, and exploring the myriad means of creating a food system with a greater level of integrity.