Picture of me

Berenice Garvan

World Language Tutor

Berenice (she/her) has lived in many different countries (Spain, France, Germany, England, Ireland and the States), where she has enjoyed working in both the academic and the social justice fields. One of Berenice’s main passions has always been to travel and, by extension, to experience and appreciate new cultures. This dictated her choice to study languages and cultures, Spanish, German and English, for her BA, and to do her MA in Spanish Language and Culture at Salamanca University, Spain. She has also studied at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid and Barcelona, and the Goethe Institute in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Berenice enjoys teaching the Spanish language under the umbrella of the 6 Spanish AP themes, as they incorporate the most relevant and interesting areas of study for the students, while at the same time they are focusing on mastering the language: Personal & Public Identities, Contemporary Life, Families & Communities, Science & Technology, Beauty & Aesthetics and World Challenges.