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Tim (he/him) is the founder and lead tutor of Touchdown Tutors (https://touchdowntutors.org). Tim earned his B.Sc. at Stanford and his MBA at Harvard. As a child growing up in Palo Alto, Tim was selected for a gifted experimental program with renowned Stanford professor Patrick Suppes, whose research formed the basis for Stanford’s Education Program for Gifted Youth and Stanford’s Online High School. Tim has been tutoring all levels of Math — from Elementary Math to University Calculus — for the past 12 years. Tim believes that establishing a strong foundation in Math is essential for students’ future success and confidence — in high school, in college, and beyond in their careers. And he believes that every student has the potential to be successful with Math. Creative approaches to Mathematics education that work well for gifted students also help students of all levels to succeed. Each student is unique in background and mindset and deserves a tailored approach.