Mark English

Mark English Architects, San Francisco, California

Mark English, AIA, founded Mark English Architects in San Francisco, California in 1992, building numerous Modern residential and entertainment spaces throughout California, Texas and Mexico. His education at California Polytechnic Institute emphasized rigorous engineering and structural disciplines, later complemented by graduate studies in Florence, Italy that deepened his interests in Greco-Roman and Mesoamerican archaeology and history.

As a licensed architect, Mark has supported his profession through service on the AIA-SF Small Business Committee, the AIA-SF Board of Directors, the AIA-California Council, the AIA-SF Housing Committee, and Board member for the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco. He has actively supported the development of his professional peers and the aspiring young architects seeking to enter the profession. Mark became an Oxbow trustee to support its mission of helping young people develop as individuals through discovering and applying their own creativity.

Mark English is the editor of a respected online magazine, and has created a forum for the local architectural community with "The Architects' Take".