Inside Oxbow



This past Wednesday, the school arranged a field trip to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco for students to enjoy and learn through their informative exhibits and shows! First, students were taken to the planetarium show, Habitat Earth, which educated the audience on the Earth's varying ecosystems and how they affect all of the living organisms inhabiting them. Students were then able to explore the museum, whether it was walking through the immersive aquarium, observing birds, butterflies, and other tropical species in the four-story rainforest dome, or experiencing San Francisco's two largest earthquakes in a simulation room. The Oxbow faculty also arranged for a special viewing of scientific field journals collected by the museum. Museum representatives Amelia and Yolanda explained the importance of keeping an accurate journal with sketches, measurements, and written notes, explaining that details are vital to the accuracy of research. Because all Oxbow students are required to keep a journal with documentation of our art and research processes, this viewing gave students new ideas on other ways to record our thoughts and observations. After boarding the bus to head back to Oxbow, students were surprised with a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge! A tradition at The Oxbow School, students walked across the bright red bridge, admiring the views of the San Francisco Bay and enjoying the chilly weather. Overall, the field trip was a great transition into the start of final projects that will be commencing in the next few weeks!

- Celia G

photos by Devon R and Celia G







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