Inside Oxbow

Bon Voyage, OS39!


Goodbyes are always hard, but Oxbow Goodbyes in particular are the worst! OS39 was predictably weepy on their last day (and it is hard to believe that was already last week!), and though we were sorry to see them leave, we are so excited to hear about their lives post-Oxbow and all they will achieve. OS39 was a special group and we will remember them fondly. They definitely left their mark on campus and we are so grateful to have shared four months with them! As an employee of Oxbow, the incredible nature of the place really comes to the forefront as each semester ends and you are left grappling with gratitude and awe at your privilege to meet 40+ new people twice a year, bring them into the fold, and let them go. It's a powerful rhythm and one we don't take lightly. Many thanks to OS39 for meeting us in that place and carrying the school forward into a new chapter of its life.

As always, the OxDoor remains open, and OS39 can always call us "home."

A School Like No Other