Inside Oxbow

Breakaway Weekend #1!


This past Breakaway Weekend, the core of OS41 remained with Jennifer, Megan, and Celeste while a small group departed for a camping trip in Point Reyes with Alex and Patrick. The Home Team enjoyed a stunning double beach day on Friday in the Marin Headlands. Starting at Tennessee Valley Beach, a small group hiked over Hill 88 (an Oxbow tradition), to Rodeo Beach where we were met halfway down by Jennifer Jordan who had, in the meantime, taken the rest of the crew on the bus to Rodeo. As we descended the hills, we spotted the rest of OS41 sunning on the beach, chatting and drawing.

Saturday saw several workshops happen - paper marbling, bookbinding, Project X research at the bakery/library, and theater games - followed by a group dinner in the Oxbow garden with an Autumnal theme orchestrated by several members of OS41.

In wrapping the weekend up, OS41 spent Sunday with Natan Daskal who has worked with OS39 students at Salmon Creek Farm as well as OS40 as a Visiting Artist in residence. Natan led OS41 through some guided drawing exercises and meditation, setting them up for a very relaxed reentry come Monday!

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