Inside Oxbow

Farewell to OS41 (and 2019!)


It has only been a few short weeks since OS41 left the riverbanks, and we are trying to figure out how we're already at the brink of the next decade! Each group exists in this space for a short while, but their memory and influence remain; they become a part of campus in unexpected ways, whether by aggressive (largely hidden) wall scribbles, left behind work ephemera, or the way future projects build off old foundations, physical or conceptual. Leaving Oxbow is the beginning! The real journey in this grand experiment is how one carries on and connects with others to share or compare their time here and what they want to do and be after.

While belatedly sending OS41 off with best wishes, we'd like to invite you to join us in welcoming the new year! 2020 will bring much excitement to Oxbow and we can't wait to share our happenings, discoveries, events, and growth with you.

A School Like No Other