Inside Oxbow

New Media Spotlight


It's incredible to think OS40 has only been here for three weeks and have already done so much! This week, Emma gave us a brief overview of her time in the studios so far:

OS40 has just finished our second rotation of art classes, and are now beginning our third. I first had printmaking with Megan, where we created monotypes based off excerpts from the book "The Songs of Trees," and recently finished New Media with Pattiann. Our main assignment for New Media was to find a site that we thought encompassed wabi sabi, a Japanese term describing, “delicate traces/faint evidence at the borders of nothingness,” beauty in imperfection. I chose an orange tree on campus, and made a film called “George.” I got to experiment with macro lenses and Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time. Here is a screenshot showing Ayla in my video.

And here are some shots of the gallery - already full of work OS40 has created in Printmaking, Sculpture, and Painting!

A School Like No Other