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When Your Classroom is a Garden


Many thanks to Maysa O. for this week's blog post, a reflection on learning and how our definitions of that change depending on time and context.

My experience at Oxbow during the past few weeks has already deepened my thinking about so many things. Lately, I have been reflecting on the relationship I have with school and learning, and what I have been doing at Oxbow has been reinvigorating my enjoyment of learning. There has been such a profound connection between me and the projects that I’ve been creating here that I haven’t felt for school in a long time. I think that there becomes a sort of disconnect between yourself and school that gets encouraged by only working towards “good grades” rather than working towards actively learning new things. So far I’ve really valued the community and the learning environment that Oxbow provides and I really look forward to what else I’m going to learn during my time here.

In other news, we've been taking full advantage of this incredible weather by having classes outside (I regularly walk out my front door through a circle of students reading James Baldwin or Thoreau or discussing environmental texts), enjoying advisory excursions in town, and have just this week begun the "What I Live For" hikes in Westwood Hills (more info on that next week). Students also attended a meeting of Napa's Climate Action Plan committee alongside student delegates from other Napa high schools.

Thanks to Izzy R-D and Beza L for this week's photos.

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