Inside Oxbow

This Week With East C


written by Isabel R:

Sunday! Butter! Butter on the microwave! Butter in the microwave! Butter all around the microwave! East C faced a dilemma, after dozens of delicious popcorn bags had been consumed that week without any attention paid to our wonderful friend, the microwave. Alex came in for check in and immediately noticed the crusty appliance, something we had been ignoring during the late night movie cravings, and instructed us calmly (but with a hint of disappointment and well justified aversion) on how to wipe the slippery surfaces clean. After some confusion between the window cleaner (blue!) and the surface cleaner (not blue!), the plate was finally clean and the microwave walls sleek once more. So, the lesson that we will be taking away from this week of domestic Oxbow life is: always clean the microwave, especially before you reach the point of being able to scrape the layer of popcorn butter off of the top with a (borrowed) dining hall knife.

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