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The View From My Window


Begin my downloading the free app "Stop Motion Studio" to your phone. There is an ios version for iphone and ipad as well as an Android and Windows version. The basic version is free and will be all that you will need.

Using Stop Motion Studio, take 100-150 frames from your window. Try this exercise several times, improving and refining your imagery each time. From one version to the next, identify areas you wish to explore further. (Please create you frames in the landscape/horizontal format).

Some options or variations to experiment with are:
• Close up or far away. Focusing on what is near the window or the window itself to what is beyond the window a few hundreds of feet or potentially even miles.
• Change directions.
• Change the height from which you take the photos.
• Try the same exercise at different times of day as the lighting changes and shifts.

A technical note: Stop Motion Studio allows you to zoom into a scene for close-up recording, but as you can see in the faculty video example, it creates a pixelated effect. Consider this as another creative choice, but be aware that this will happen in your video.

Once you have a version that you find exciting and you feel is a good response to what you are seeing beyond your window.

Now, as a follow-up use the voice memo app on your phone and record the ambient sound that can be heard through your window. Record about 30 seconds, remembering to keep your phone still so there is no noise distortion from your hand.

Once all of the stop-motion animations and sound recordings have been participants can either edit them together or text them to a teacher who can compile them into a single video as Oxbow faculty have done below.

View From My Window Video

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