The Oxbow school day is a little different from a day in a traditional high school—in many ways the format is similar to that of a college. It is carefully designed to balance class time, opportunities to work on both class assignments and personal art projects in the studios, co-curricular activities, and participation in the Oxbow community. Classes are small; with a faculty to student ratio of 1:8 students receive individual attention and one-on-one instruction.

Weekly, all students take a break from classes to get some organized exercise. Past activities have included bicycling, yoga, hiking, pet shelter volunteering, kayaking, gardening and recreational sports that offer everyone an opportunity to stay fit and get outdoors. Some of our students are serious athletes and accommodations can be made to keep up with training.

Mondays through Friday are the days for intensive core academic and art classes. Frequent field trips to museums, galleries, private collections, artists’ studios, and co-curricular activities such as hikes are regularly incorporated into the schedule. Studio hours in the afternoons, evenings, and over weekends offer students ample time and faculty support to complete projects and assignments. Visiting artists and scholars enrich the semester with unique projects and lectures.

8:30 Breakfast is served

9:00 Morning Classes - Academics

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Afternoon Classes - Studio Art

4:00 Electives

6:00 Dinner is Served

7:30 Open Studios

9:45 Dorm Sign-In