Residential Intern/Dorm Parent - Job Description



Residential Intern/Dorm Parent - Job Description

POSITION: Residential Intern

HOURS: 40+ hours/week

STIPEND: $5,000 + housing and meals per semester

The Oxbow School is a one-semester fine arts program for high school juniors from public and independent schools nation-wide. The School offers forty-eight students a unique educational experience focused on the in-depth study and practice of the visual arts. The sixteen-week program encourages motivated students to pursue a serious interest in art while meeting and furthering their high school diploma requirements. The goal is not to produce career artists, but to empower students to see with clarity and become active participants in the world. Through work in the studio/classroom, trips to museums and galleries, and projects with Visiting Artists, Oxbow provides students with direct exposure to the richness and diversity of contemporary art and culture. The Oxbow School is founded on the belief that engagement with the arts fosters and supports flexible thinking skills, and that creative thinking is particularly valuable for students in today's increasingly complex global community.

The Oxbow School is located at the oxbow of the Napa River in historic Napa, California. The Oxbow pedagogical approach includes team-teaching and interdisciplinary approaches that lead to more effective learning. Oxbow students are encouraged to explore the interconnections that form our web of knowledge by working with real materials in authentic settings.

The Oxbow Residential Intern is a one-semester position in Spring 2021 for a recent college graduate interested in working with adolescents in a residential environment. The main responsibilities lie in general student supervision and the residential life experience on campus. The intern will collaborate closely with the Dean of Students to identify professional goals for the semester. The dorm parent will live in the dorms to assist in organizing community activities and being an additional adult presence on campus for student life issues that may arise. The person who best fits this role is someone who is mature, has strong interpersonal skills, is genuinely invested in the welfare of adolescents, and possesses an infectious enthusiasm for The Oxbow School program.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work closely with Dean of Students and Dorm Head on a daily basis
  • Drive students to and from campus for appointments and miscellaneous outings
  • Lead physical exercise sessions 4x/week
  • Lead and participate in community building activities throughout the semester
  • Participate in field trips and co-programming activities
  • Rotate through weekly studio and dorm duties with faculty
  • Assist faculty with daily dorm life issues
  • Provide social-emotional support for students
  • Lead and meet weekly with advisory cohort (write advisee review letters at the end of semester)

Interested candidates should email a resume and cover letter to: Jennifer Jordan, Head of School, at jjordan@oxbowschool.org. No phone calls please.

The Oxbow School is an equal opportunity employer.

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