New Media Instructor



The Oxbow School is a one-semester fine arts program for high school juniors and seniors from public and independent schools nationwide. The School offers forty-eight students a unique educational experience focused on the in-depth study and practice of the visual arts. This 8-week program encourages motivated students to pursue a serious interest in art. Through work in the studio/classroom, trips to art venues, and lectures with Visiting Artists, Oxbow provides students with direct exposure to the richness and diversity of contemporary art. Our goal is not to produce career artists, but to empower students to see with clarity and become active participants in the world. The Oxbow School is founded on the belief that engagement with the arts fosters and supports flexible thinking skills that are particularly valuable in today's increasingly complex global community.


The New Media Teacher at the Oxbow Summer Art Institute is a full-time teaching and residential position from June 4th-August 20, 2021. This position focuses on running a project that integrates content and skills using a range of new media tools (digital photography, darkroom photography, filmmaking, animation, mixed media). The course should emphasize the process of inquiry over the end product. Using essential questions as an entry-point for creative inquiry, the Oxbow pedagogy is student centered and project based. The residential nature of The Oxbow School also requires that faculty participate as full members of the Oxbow community. This includes participating in community-building activities, acting as an important liaison between students and parents, participating in co-curricular programming and elective opportunities, and assuming a supervisory role for students in a variety of settings. All teachers at Oxbow engage and model Oxbow’s learner expectations: creative inquiry, effective communication, self-empowered learning, a collaborative mindset, and responsible citizenship.


  • Actively participate in all components of the community and residential life of the program
  • Actively collaborate with faculty peers in ongoing integrated curriculum design and instruction
  • Differentiate curriculum for different types of learners
  • Supervise students during evening studio/dorm duty
  • Lead a student advisory group
  • Provide social-emotional support for students
  • Facilitate conflict mediation and resolution
  • Plan and participate in co-curricular programming and enrichment activities
  • Lead an elective activity
  • Support student trajectory post Oxbow
  • Serve on faculty and staff committees dedicated to school improvement
  • Engage in professional development to support evolving student needs
  • Provide opportunities for students to practice leadership in the community
  • Participate in weekly meetings (staff, department, committee, etc.)
  • Engage in student behavioral redirection and disciplinary proceedings
  • Respond effectively and immediately to emergencies and high stress situations
  • Communicate regularly with parents and, when pertinent, sending schools
  • Serve as a role model to students
  • Provide leadership on faculty
  • Participate in and/or facilitate professional conferences


  • Demonstrate a passion for working with adolescents to improve their lives
  • Dedication to a residential boarding program
  • Promote responsible citizenship and respect for diversity, inclusion, equity, and differences
  • Possess a positive outlook on the world and opportunities for young people
  • Desire to contribute to something larger than oneself and have a deep-seated belief in the power of teamwork
  • Interest in staying abreast of trends in progressive education and familiarity with student-centered and project-based pedagogies
  • Committed to life-long learning and modeling growth mindsets
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and flexible thinking
  • Sensitive and responsive to student needs, concerns, and passions
  • Devoted to making oneself available for the safety and security of students
  • Skilled in conflict resolution and mediation
  • Ability to address student socio-emotional needs and mental health concerns
  • Thrives on creative problem-solving and collaboration
  • Interest in building a dynamic and innovative school culture
  • Strong work ethic
  • Desire to provide thought leadership and incorporate best practices in education
  • An understanding that this is a 24/7 commitment while school is in session


This is a full-time position. Compensation includes salary (as determined by a faculty step scale and experience) and a benefits package that includes: health insurance, dental, vision, and housing with utilities paid by the school.

Interested candidates should submit a CV and cover letter to Jennifer Jordan, Head of School, at: jjordan@oxbowschool.org

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