Online Courses and On Campus Workshops

The Oxbow School is excited to announce the launch of two-week Online Courses and three-day On Campus Workshops! These courses and workshops will give students the opportunity to participate in innovative art and academic experiences. Workshops are for students of all ages 13+ so parents, educators and friends this is your chance to have the Oxbow experience!

All online course participants will receive a certificate of completion for each course they complete. Students interested in receiving a full semester of credit can take four or more online courses or three or more three-day weekend workshops.

Please visit the Course Offerings page to view course descriptions and details.

To register please visit the Registration page, make your selections, and submit payment. We will reach out to each registrant to confirm details and collect any additional information we may need. Registration will open on Wednesday, August 22nd. Space is limited!

If a course you are interested in is full, or if you would like to apply for a need-based tuition assistance waiver (please note these are very limited and reserved for those students who would be unable to participate without them) email us at: