John Schram

Principal, Schram & Company

John Schram served as Chairman of The Oxbow School and retired from the Board June 2018. John graduated from University of Missouri, and completed his graduate work following his service in the Navy. He is a member of the Chicago Literary Club and is a past board member of the California Historical Society

In his professional life, John was the founding principal of an international consulting and production company. For more than three decades he specialized in understanding cultures around the world, with an emphasis on China and other East Asian nations. As one of the first Americans permitted to conduct business in China, Mr. Schram visited the country for the first time in 1975 while with Sears Roebuck and Co. Due to these early relationships, John became a lead executive in establishing initial ventures for his client base into China as well as other Asian countries. John Schram has been active in free trade causes to further and refine international trade practices.

John has lectured extensively at universities on international commercial ventures as well as cultural differences in business practices. He sponsors an annual lecture in international business at the University of Missouri, to provide students, faculty and business executives with a better understanding of the international business sector and the roles and responsibilities of Americans in this constantly changing environment. He has given a number of papers on the convergence of Western business practices with those of developing countries, and has also lectured on the past and present day Asian and European political environment.

For the past six years, Schram has mentored graduate students involved in business start-ups from the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. For several years he has also provided scholarships to deserving at-risk students in Bay area school systems and has taught in their classrooms.