Robin Hill

Professor of Art - UC Davis

Robin Hill was introduced to the Oxbow School by a friend whose fish-farmer husband once sold fish to an Oxbow board member. While mentoring a weary and disillusioned high school student, Robin decided to use the Oxbow application as a process of self-discovery for this young woman. The student was accepted and had a life-changing experience at the school. When Robin took her son Wheeler to Camille’s Final Project exhibition, he knew immediately that he wanted to attend. Today, he is a proud OS32 alum. Robin’s love and appreciation for the school is profound—Oxbow changed Robin's son’s life and was a pivotal moment in his growth as a person. He is currently a BFA student at Cal Arts. As a faculty member in the Art Studio Program in the Department of Art and Art History at UC Davis, Robin has a particular appreciation for the value of an arts education before and during college. When not teaching at Davis Robin spends her summers in Cape Breton. Whether on the East or West coast, Robin gardens, swims, collects rocks, and works in her studio. She joined the Oxbow Board of Trustees in 2016.