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Co-curricular highlights!



Though Oxbow is an arts school, we try to get our students out of the studios on excursions as often as possible. Our co-curricular program offers the perfect chance for just that. Read on for comments from Isabel K. and Sarah S. along with some great snapshots from three of our current co-curriculars: Extreme Hiking, Must Love Dogs, and Surf and Turf.

This week, OS33 began the third round of co-curricular activities. There are six groups doing different activities every Tuesday and Thursday. Every few weeks, the groups rotate so students have the opportunity to try out different activities throughout the semester. The options are: Walkabout with Pattiann, Bicycling with Patrick, Surf n' Turf (kayaking and gardening) with Alex and Chris, Extreme Hiking with Jennifer, Ultimate Frisbee with Mo, and Must Love Dogs (volunteering at the local animal shelter) with Megan. I am in the animal shelter group, where we work with dogs and rabbits. For the dogs, we walk them, train them, play with them, and give them company in their little kennels so they can get used to being around new people. When working with rabbits, we hold them for socialization and refill their food and water. The shelter always has amazing animals waiting to be adopted, including dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, sheep, and even a cow! Every Tuesday and Thursday, we leave the shelter wanting to adopt a puppy!

- Isabel K.



This week at Oxbow, the third and final round of co-curriculars began. Jennifer's Extreme Hiking crew is ready for a co-curricular session filled with trees, dirt, and views. They enjoyed two great hikes this week, both of which pushed the hikers to their full potential. On reaching the top of Westwood Hills' Perimeter Trail, Olivia said, "it just really makes you feel like an angel," noting she felt high above the clouds and loved looking down at the machinery of Napa.
Sarah S.




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