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Flour Power



Enjoy some words and photos from OS33's rendition of our pizza party tradition:


Grace S:
With Project X starting up and stress levels running high, Saturday gave us some relief in the form of gooey delicious handmade pizza. At 5, we all ventured into the beauty that is Stephen's backyard to get a lesson by Mo and Alex on the fine skill of pizza making. The families of the Oxbow staff came and as Mo's adorable little girls ran around it felt like we were home. Being around families, even if they are not your own tend to have that effect. As flour dust was flung in the air like confetti and toppings were carefully placed, we laughed and chatted. The pizza, though unevenly shaped and sometimes too gooey or stringy, was a perfect way to end another wonderful day at The Oxbow School.


Lila S:
A lot of fun and engaging activities are happening in the community this weekend, including a pizza party and artist lecture at The Hess Collection! The students all went over to Stephen's house on Saturday to learn how to make a personal-sized pizza and watch it be baked in the clay outdoor oven. Everyone shared laughs and smiles over the delicious and cheesy pizzas made from materials prepared by the wonderful chefs at our very own Dining Hall. There's nothing like making your own beautiful meal and watching it cook, then getting to enjoy it! Oxbow students continue to experience hands on art in the studios and in pizza workshops - we are all pizza artisans now in addition to being sculptors, painters, printmakers, photographers, filmmakers, and more. It's wonderful to watch each artist show their unique style and voice in the way they craft their pizza!

On Sunday, we will all journey to the Hess Collection and experience more real life successful art in the world at Alison Wright's Artist Lecture.






all photos and text by Grace S and Lila S

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