Inside Oxbow

SFMOMA Takeover


On Thursday, The Oxbow School enjoyed its second field trip to the SFMOMA since last year's grand reopening. Over the course of several hours, there was a side trip for the printmakers to Crown Point Press around the corner (Stephen and Patrick's former kingdom) where we were treated to a tour of the gallery and studio, a jaunt across the street to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and we were also joined by four alumni in an impromptu whirlwind space-time-warp (shout outs to LENORA, OS1, former Alumni intern and Science Instructor; Zen, OS30; and Maceo and Edan of OS35). Continuing OS35's fantastic photo contest tradition yielded expectedly great and some truly original results over the seven floors, countless stairways, and hidden rooms. Hats off to OS35 for this (hopefully) lasting stamp on the Oxbow SFMOMA experience, and kudos to OS36 for their wonderful contributions, many of which are below!

Today marks the start of OS36's first Visiting Artist residency, and this one is notable in particular because we're hosting two at once! Hung Liu and Jeff Kelley will be working with OS36 for the next 10 days, and presenting a lecture tomorrow night at 7pm at the CIA Theater at Copia, 500 First Street. Join us if you're local!

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