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Final Projects Have Commenced!


from the desk of MJ:

Time is moving fast, rough drafts of the papers were due Friday night and a polished draft is due later today. Next thing we know, the publishable version of the paper will be due! Some papers will be personal narratives while others will be more traditional research papers. My paper is a combination of both, an unconventional form of writing that explores the question “How do my queer identity and my family/community affect each other?” My paper addresses the difficulty that I endure with my queer identity and the important role that it plays in my daily life. It talks about what I believe makes up identity and how those different factors, like my family and community, affect my queerness and vice versa.

Students started their journeys by gathering in their Art Angel groups in order to create table-sized mind maps. Students then used a word from those mind maps in order to start their own and launched their research for the rest of the semester. They have been scattered all over campus since classes ended, most fear that they do not have enough research or enough for their rough draft. Topics have changed, others were sent into a spiral by Mo and are now questioning the essence of their existence.

Let’s hope our students manage to survive long enough for Fall Break!

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