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Artist in Residence: Robin Hill!


This past week, we welcomed Robin Hill to campus for OS41's first Visiting Artist Residency. Students were asked to identify a hard to explain feeling or concept and then translate it into reality in such a way that their own bodies were integral to the piece. Tonight, OS41 will parade their works! Robin is an alumni parent of OS32 and so has been part of the family for several years. We were so excited to have her participate in this new role at Oxbow, and have loved the work that's come out of her time here! Jensen shared some thoughts on the residency:

Having a visiting artist on campus has been really different. I’ve never had an in depth conversation with an abstract artist. This week I was able to watch Robin Hill’s presentation and even speak with her about her work. While planning the project Ms Hill assigned, we got to talk about our artistic process and mindset. It forced me to see abstract art in a whole new way, and forced me to try and create abstract art. My approach to abstraction is definitely different than it was before Ms Hill’s Oxbow artist residency! I’m really glad I was able to take her class.

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