Inside Oxbow

Campus Pets!


Hello Oxblog! I’m Gabby and I love dogs. This semester we have so many wonderful dogs on campus and I’m here to introduce them.

First up is Lavender! She was recently adopted by our new English teacher, Larissa. Lavender loves long walks around Napa and is full of energy. She can be found running around campus, socializing with OS41, and sometimes chewing on her leash.

Next up, Reba! Reba is an energetic soul full of joy who is part of Jason's family(OS20, Admissions, Curation). She enjoys playing fetch and running as fast as her little legs can carry her. After a long day of running around, Reba is most likely relaxing in the shade and taking in the view of the Napa River.

Meet Henry David! Henry David is the wisest dog on campus. On Sunday mornings, Henry David sits with the letter-writing group and watches peacefully in the distance. On weekdays, he spends time with our Head of School, Jennifer Jordan, walking around campus offering his wisdom to anyone who passes by. If you’re lucky, he might even let you pick him up!

Last but not least, a special shoutout to Lizard, recently adopted by our new Maths teacher, Celeste. Lizard is very shy and spends most of her time inside or in a bucket. Lizard is known to sneak out and roam around campus at night. She’s very clever and is slowly warming up to OS41.

I hope you had a good time getting to know Oxbow’s favorite animals. For good measure, here’s a picture of my dog, Mazi. I miss him very much and can’t wait to see him soon! Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading.

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