Inside Oxbow

First Week in Review


OS40 is moving right along! The students are deep in their academic classes, exploring topics surrounding nature, solitude, deliberation, and creative ways of living on and off campus (the first of the iconic "What I Live for Hikes" happened this week!). We're about to switch into new art units and install the first show of student work (check out our instagram for an update on that soon!). Malia S. and Kayla C. have provided us with some sweet first-impression reflections of Oxbow, accompanied by photos from a gardening session, a New Media intro class, and a headshot of JWoww (a service dog in attendance this semester).

The Oxbow food is as good as they say it is. California is colder than expected. I picked up baklava from Small World and animal fries from In-n-Out. This has been a week and a half of new places and people.

-Malia S.

The first week was an experience I never had before. We did a lot of active things which I’m not used to since I’m from Boston. The weather is really great for the month of January. When I first arrived in San Francisco, I was amazed to see a train run along the airport and it was much cleaner than the MBTA. It took a long time and a lot of energy to arrive at Oxbow due to my heavy suitcases and surplus of rain. I was relieved to make it into my dorm and meet my awesome suitemates.

-Kayla C.

OS40 may have arrived in the pouring rain, but the weather has brightened up for them! Having said that, we're headed into another rainy weekend. I have a feeling all Spring semesters can relate to this experience!

A School Like No Other