Inside Oxbow

Gardening + Painting (what could be more Oxbow?)


Jill reports on the Oxbees:

It’s the third week here at Oxbow and time is flying. Jumping into Oxbow, I was hit with so much that I had never experienced before. A major part of my days at here involve being part of the Ox-farm. Ox-farm is one of the 5 morning electives (dog shelter, biking, hiking, and Ranting and Raving). The elective occurs twice a week in the morning in which we spend three hours planting seeds, harvesting crops, baking bread, making lemonade, and this week we tended to the bees. The “Bee Expert,” Rob Keller, came and talked to us about the bees and helped up clean out the bee hive to get ready for the new season. Those who had more anxiety towards the bees, like myself, got to wear the iconic bee hat and jacket. Once we finished up with the beehive, we brought the honey slats back to Alex’s house. Alex walked us through getting honey out and we ended up with about 2 gallons honey. I expect that I will grow to love the bees even more throughout the semester and possibly go home knowing how to raise my own.

Phoebe shares some details of her current studio project:

I just finished my first week of painting and sculpture, where I created a four piece series of abstract art. It was based on the emotions I felt while making a cast of my hand (an earlier project in the same class). I used acrylic paint, sand, and modeling paste. I also used tape to create movement and emphasis in each piece.

A School Like No Other