Inside Oxbow

Oxbow Time


This week at Oxbow was jam packed, just as every other has been. The time goes by so quickly that everyday feels like a whole week, and every week like a month. On Tuesday, we went to the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. There are 7 floors of the museum, filled with so many different types of art. There were all different types of paintings from abstract to realistic portraits, film, sculptural pieces, and even architecture. We all chose a piece to write about and really take a good long look at in the museum. Seeing the artwork with Oxbow was particularly inspiring because I got a lot of ideas I would like to incorporate here in the studios. After spending hours in the museum and feeling overwhelmed with inspiration, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and walked across. It was really fun to take corny pictures in front of the bridge and the cold ocean air felt so good to walk in. It was absolutely beautiful and it felt like home to me and a few of the other students who live near the ocean back home. We saw some porpoises hanging out in the greenish water below the bridge too. Then we came back and most of us took naps and we all had dinner, what a day!

A School Like No Other