Inside Oxbow

Visiting Artist Natan Daskal


OS40's first Visiting Artist in Residence, Natan Daskal, was a wonderful addition to the Oxbow family fabric! Natan spent ten days with us, leading the students in workshops, exercises, and projects meant to foster awareness of space, body, and movement. Students considered bodies in space, human affect on space, and considered the micro and macro of human relations via movement exercises. Studio times ranged from constructing living sculptures to drawing each others' movements to presenting oneself as a self portrait. Natan introduced OS40 to the concept of the "score," in line with the practices of Anna and Lawrence Halprin. We hope OS40 carries forward their newfound knowledge of the RSVP Cycles into Project X and Final Project!

We first met Natan last semester at Salmon Creek Farm and are very happy to have continued our friendship with him!

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