Inside Oxbow

First Impressions


Many thanks to Isabela O. and Nina B. for writing such wonderful snapshots of their first week at Oxbow! Each reflection focuses on transitioning into Oxbow and finding community here. We are so excited for the rest of OS41's semester and have really enjoyed getting to know them better this week in classes, sharing meals, on excursions in town, during advising, and over a leisurely Sunday morning of writing letters home.

both of the below photos were taken by Isabela O.


Isabela O:

From getting our first bites of incredible meals in the dining hall to getting our hands on our first Oxbow projects, we can't believe that our first week and a half at Oxbow is over. Settling down at this amazing school has been nothing short of relieving. Our applications turned into our new beds at this wonderful school we get to call home for the semester. Now it’s time to get down to business.

This initial week has been filled with bonding activities and getting to know the City of Napa. On our first full day at Oxbow, we were given the renowned task of creating an OxTag for a fellow OxKid. Then, as the sun set three days later, we gathered around a warm campfire to present our OxTags to the students we were assigned. In addition, we explored and got to see some of the familiar faces in the city of Napa through our penny exchange assignment. Each group started off with a single penny and traded up for something of greater value by visiting some of the local shops around town. Groups came back with things such as local boutique clothing, a blessed chicken bag, and a statue of the Oxbow founders.

Currently, we are getting used to the workload of our new academic classes. However, we are grateful to have amazing staff and our new Oxbow friends here to support us through it all. We can’t wait for what the rest of the semester has in store for us.

Nina B:

Oxbow School is a special place. Here, I am surrounded by an abundance of creativity. I am convinced that it is growing on trees in the vicinity, permeating the air we breathe. This Oxbow air has a way of stimulating my thoughts. I think about the importance of art. Art connects strangers and creates communities. The community at Oxbow is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Everyone is open and compassionate which allows for depth and meaning in conversation. Oxbow is a necessary escape from reality. Oxbow’s community is built on a foundation of mutual respect and acceptance. This foundation connects every student and faculty member. The first moment I felt connected to my peers I barely knew them. A few of us where in the painting studio after dark. We were drawing, freed from any inhibitions, as a student’s music thrummed around us. It felt natural. It felt like home. With every passing day we have all grown ever closer. I look forward to many more moments of interconnectedness.

A School Like No Other