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Oxbow Distance Learning - Cartographic Self-Portrait


For this portion of the Altered book project, you will be creating a Cartographic Self-Portrait... in other words, a map of you. Since we are also creating altered books alongside you, I have begun my own map of self... it is attached below. Mind you, it is still incomplete... The map should cover at least two pages (spread of two opposite pages).

Some steps to take:
1) Make a list of all the most important parts of you. Be specific. "Family" is a bit broad, perhaps listing the names of your family members and clustering them in one area might be more appropriate. Or using your last name(s). Remember: the size of the lettering and the size of the region indicate how important this element is. This list could include places, interests, beliefs, values, people, objects, hobbies, schools, etc.

2) Look at a map for inspiration. I've attached a Map of Tech Companies too. Look for all the geographic features and political designations. Land masses, bodies of water, mountain ranges, highways, boundaries, etc. Which features will you be able to incorporate into your own map?

3) Draw your landmasses and region: the size of the region indicates how important this element is. More important things should be bigger, bolder, etc.

4) Color and Label: Paint, watercolor, colored pencil, sharpie, scissors, glue... any materials you have will do!

5) Take a photo of your Cartographic Self-Portrait and attach it to this assignment.

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