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Who Are You?


OBJECTIVE: Organize your thinking into a typewritten art proposal that consists of 2-3 different project ideas that are possible with the materials, resources, and supports you identified in your list.

Artists write proposals to present their ideas and earn support for their work. A proposal is often part of the application process for exhibition opportunities, funding, studio space, and technical support. For this project, you will be writing a proposal for a new artwork. It will help you determine your goals and it will guide the beginning phases of your work. Keep in mind that as you progress, your ideas and processes may evolve. You are not required to simply execute your proposal. Often, the richest and most rewarding projects evolve in response to new information.

• TITLE / HEADER: Include your first and last name, the date, the course, and the title of the assignment: “Who are you?”.

• INTRODUCTION: Describe your current surroundings and experiences. Put them into a global context of the current coronavirus pandemic and social distancing protocols.

•SUMMARY OF RESOURCES: Describe what you have learned about making art in your current circumstances. What are your challenges and strengths? What did you learn from making the list of your materials, resources and supports? What research will you need to do? What supports do you anticipate needing? How might your creativity help you cope with your current situation?

• PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Describe your specific project ideas and include sketches, diagrams, inspiration photos to illustrate your thinking (label each image). Be sure to answer the following questions:

What materials / process will you use?
How will the project challenge you artistically?
What is your artistic inspiration?
What artists are informing your thinking? Name at least one artist and describe what aspects of their work interest you (include an image of this work). Feel free to revisit the class slideshows, videos, artists websites to research artists, and explore museums and art collections virtually. You may also want to contact your studio teachers for additional recommendations.

• CONCLUSION: Summarize your inspiration for this project. How might this project help you cope with your current situation?

A proposal is a formal piece of writing. To this end, it is important that the written request is typed, proof-read, uses clear language, and shows commitment for your ideas. This proposal will be especially helpful to faculty so that we may support you.

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