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OS42 Final Projects are LIVE


From the faculty:

It is with great joy that we invite you to Oxbow’s 42nd “Final Show”. The Oxbow School celebrates OS42 for their impressive resilience, dedication, and determination. Working in quarantine through an unprecedented crisis, these young artists have proven that creativity and curiosity are guiding forces during difficult and isolating times. The Oxbow final project is the capstone project that combines research, art-making, and creative inquiry.


This Semester to reach a wider audience, students have published their work to online platforms. You can find these at the links below.

Ada H.
Aeri A. (password: OS42)
Alexandra B.
Alicja S.
Alyssa A.
Amadi W.
Amalia M.
Amaya T.
Anastasia K.
Anna Z.
Artemisio RyC.
Bayley M.
Billie W.
Cal W.
Chloe S.
Darwin S.
Finley P.
Helen K.
Isabel R.
Katherine L.
Katherine H.
Kia R.
Kylie D.
Leilani S.
Louis W.
Lucija J.
Maddie I.
Madeline H.
Melina H.
Mia H.
Nicholas S.
Regan S.
Rozella K.
Ruby J.
Savannah W.
Sekai B.
Sophia A.
Sophia J.
Sophie E.
Sorah G.
Vaughn B.
Virginia M.
Zivi H.

Congratulations OS42!!

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