Around the Bend

Around the Bend - October 2019



“How can I be a more authentic person? What does it mean to be a steward for the environment? How can an arts practice promote social justice?” As I walk through the classes today, these questions float in the air, infusing the community with vibrant, energized possibilities. Oxbow students are shifting their inward selves externally, marking a pivotal turning point in the semester in which students begin to articulate what they stand for in life and, more important, how they are going to give shape to those values as active, responsible citizens in the world.

At its core, Oxbow can be viewed as a collaborative arts incubator that promotes deep inquiry, self-reflection, and engagement. We are in the business of cultivating dreamers, visionaries, change-agents, and disruptors…artists who not only think outside of the box, but redefine it altogether. While the semester itself is a fast-paced four month experiment, the learning that occurs here is lifelong and forty alumni classes are living proof of that journey. It is fitting, therefore, that our efforts to raise money through our annual scholarship fund is being launched this week. I ask for your support in turning future dreams into realities through a contribution to our Annual Fund.

Let’s work together as a team to expand our scholarship revenue so that we can invite deserving students into the Oxbow family. It is not about the size of your donation, it is about your participation; your donation is a “vote” in support of the Oxbow program, a program that directly transforms young lives. I am excited to see the rest of the OS41 semester run its course, for I am confident that this cohort of students will lead fruitful lives as they embody the answers to the questions about authenticity, stewardship, and social justice. Let’s show our future students that we are ready to invest in them by supporting the annual scholarship fund!

Warm regards,
Jennifer Jordan, Head of School

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