Oxbow Teachers Journey to the Arctic - The Napa Register


The Napa Register recognizes Oxbow art and science faculty, Megan Broughton and Alex Keilty, who have been selected for a competitive residency in the Arctic Circle.

"The expedition is a two-week sailing adventure around the Svalbard Archipelago, a group of islands roughly halfway between the northern tip of Norway and the North Pole.

They will sail with a group of other artists, scientists, architects and educators who have been selected to experience the wild majesty of the islands and to practice their art, as part of this artists’ residency program.

Every year a call is put out for proposals to artists and scientists who are interested in seeing the Svalbard Islands with a group of like-minded, but diverse, individuals. Applicants are vetted by a jury. Acceptance is based on their portfolio of work and the proposal for what they would do were they accepted to the program. Since its inception in 2009, it has become one of the most globally competitive programs of its type.

Broughton and Keilty have applied together as educators. Broughton is the printmaking instructor and dorm head, and Keilty teaches agricultural ecology. They plan to use this experience to form a similar program for the Oxbow School."

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