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Caroline Woolard


Caroline Woolard's exhibition Carried on Both Sides: Encounter Two is at the LMAK Gallery in New York through February 25, 2018. Caroline was interviewed by Thyrza Nichols Goodeve (Rail) for the article The Art of Institutional Possibility published in The Brooklyn Rail.

"Rail: As a research-based artist, can you talk about the process of formal exploration?

Woolard: I’m always asking myself: how do I balance conceptual rigor with material poetry? I think I work like this: I begin with a line of inquiry, a question that might sustain my attention. I then determine the methods and expertise that I need to follow this line of inquiry, which often involves bringing in collaborators in areas of expertise beyond my own. We open ourselves up to the process itself, allowing the material to speak, in dialog with our research. We then find conceptually relevant ways for the project to circulate." – Read full article

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