Megan Broughton


Megan Broughton illustrated the newly released children's book The Cat and The Lion by Shaina Simmons. The book explores the magical culture of New Orleans. Through the eyes of a stray kitten on a quest to find a home, this tale reveals what it means to find courage.

“As the Creator and Executive Producer of Reading Rainbow, I only wish the series were still in production because The Cat & The Lion would have been chosen as a “feature book” for the series. Shaina Simmons tells a captivating, imaginative story with first class writing and Megan Broughton’s illustrations are richly drawn and compelling. I love this family, the kitten and their adventure.” —Reviewed by: Twila C. Liggett, Ph.D.

Megan is Oxbow's Printmaking faculty and Dorm Head.

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