Anti Event Frame

The Oxbow School Presents the Anti-Event



Please DON’T Join us for our Annual Gala!

Instead, join us in celebration of Oxbow Student-Artists from your comfortable couch as this is a "No Show" event.


You Don’t have to think about traffic, parking, an outfit, or asking your friends to sit at your sponsored table.
Enjoy an evening at home, knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of young artists by supporting
The Oxbow School Scholarship fund.

Cost: A donation in the amount of what you would have spent had this been an actual event.
100% of all donations are tax deductible.

Be a “No Show

"Tickets" and "Sponsorships" available now at:

Please consider sponsoring the following:
$20,000 The time and energy I get back by Not having to attend an actual event.
$15,000 Not getting into a fund-a-need battle with my frenemy across the room.
$10,000 Not buying that live auction item that I will never have time to use.
$5,000 Not having to find friends to sit at my table.
$2,500 Not coming home with Napa Valley wine that will cause me to drink too much.
$1,500 Not socializing when I would rather be at home on my couch.
$1,000 Not buying a new outfit.
$500 Not arranging for a babysitter, dog sitter or car service.
$250 Not having to redecorate a room around the artwork I purchased.
$100 The rest I will get lying on the couch.

All donations go directly to The Oxbow School Scholarship Fund.
100% tax deductible

Thank you for your support!

A School Like No Other