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Visiting Artist Lectures

Noa Yekutieli


Please join us for a lecture with artist Noa Yekutieli.

Date: Wednesday, February 15, 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Location: Via Zoom,

Meeting ID: 860 9874 3582
Passcode: oxbow

Noa Yekutiele (b. 1989 USA) lives and works in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. Engaging various mediums, including installation, sculpture, and a signature manual paper-cutting technique, she explores personal narratives and multi-hyphen identities within the context of immigration, assimilation, and conflict. Coming from a multicultural family, she draws from her personal non-singular background and incorporates inconsistent narratives of longing for unknown origins and fractured notions of a home.

As a Japanese-American-Israeli, Yekitiele combines objects, crafts, and traditional techniques from her heritage that nurtures her own sense of belonging. Simultaneously, they create a context to consider immigration and destruction as natural human patterns that coincide with change and renewal. Unable to define a singular identity or place she calls home and feels where she belongs, she includes overlapping narratives that highlight the many contexts of her past. By doing so, she creates a new whole that manifests complexity, inconsistency, and what is missing. Through her practice, she attempts to reconcile what can be seen as odds. Often merging flora patterns and imagery of destruction to consider the emotional camouflage mechanisms we develop as individuals and as a society, especially around conflict and loss. She explores how camouflaging the painful reality can both help and harm us, pushing us to surpass and survive while allowing us to overlook what should not be ignored.

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