an exploration of art + inquiry


The Oxbow campus is a three-acre site that includes apartment-style dormitories, studios, dining hall, faculty housing, and organic gardens. The award-winning studios built by Stanley Saitowitz provide state-of-the art working facilities that are virtually outdoors.

The Oxbow Summer Art Institute is a fully residential program and designed for boarding students only. 4-7 Oxbow students live in each dormitory with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common living area, and laundry facilities. A faculty advisor will be assigned to each dormitory of students to guide their Oxbow experience.



You will probably never eat as well at any program as you will at Oxbow. Our chefs are as artistic as our faculty. Aligned with the principles of the "Slow Food" movement and inspired by our friend Alice Waters of Berkeley's Chez Panisse restaurant, our chefs specialize in organically grown, seasonal food obtained from sustainable sources. Much of the fresh produce is harvested from Oxbow's gardens. Students have three nutritious meals a day. The Oxbow chefs are sure to give the community something to write home about! Housed in the historic Scaruffi House, the Oxbow dining hall is only steps away from dorms and studios and includes a deck overlooking the Napa River for outdoor dining.

Final Show

At the culmination of the Oxbow Summer Art Institute, the Oxbow community puts on a Final Show displaying the accomplishments of each student. This is a time for family and friends to come by and see what we've been up to in the studios. During the celebration, you can tour the campus and get a glimpse of what Oxbow is all about. You will inevitably see the dedication, inspiration, great instruction, friends, creativity, and fun on campus. For families not able to attend, we will happily share photos!