Final Project

At the conclusion of the semester, the capstone Final Project is a chance for students to focus on a subject in great depth with support from faculty mentors. The primary goal of this project is to foster ongoing dialogue between inquiry, research, writing, and art-making. The learning path integrates multiple disciplines as a means to inform one’s artistic process. Students take on the model of the artist pursuing a line of work in their own studio. Many students cite this project as the highlight of their Oxbow experience, for it allows them to take full ownership over their work by engaging in a dynamic process of creative experimentation, discovery, and output.

Students will prepare for the final project throughout the semester and will spend their last month at Oxbow planning and executing research, writing, and artwork for their projects. Upon completion of the project students install their work for a final exhibition and public presentation, at which time they present their projects and research.

To view our student's Final Projects and read their artist statements, please visit the Final Project Gallery: