Work with Acclaimed Artists

Artists in Residence

The Visiting Artist program is integral to the overall concept and character of The Oxbow School. Twice each semester nationally acclaimed artists join the faculty in residence, giving students an opportunity to observe working professionals going through the many phases of making an original piece. In recent years, some of the artists-in-residence have included Barnaby Furnas, The Art Guys, Paul Kos, Christopher Brown, Hung Liu, David Best, Reed Anderson, and Randy Twaddle.

The visiting artist designs a collaborative project with the students, providing tips, insights and critiques that give students a different perspective on their own approach to creating art. Together students, faculty, and visiting artists explore the nature of creative thinking and the role of the artist in contemporary society and culture.

During Klea McKenna's residency at Oxbow (where she created the cyanotype image above), she wrote about and took pictures of her experience with our students on In The Make.

Artist Lecture Series

In addition to the Artist-in-Residence program, Oxbow hosts a lively Artist Lecture Series. The Oxbow community gathers to hear practicing artists talk about their creative process and listen to their views on what art is, what art means, and how artists think. These lectures have included such artists as Roy De Forest, Wayne Thiebaud, Squeak Carnwath, William Wiley, Inez Storer, and Deborah Oropallo. Many of our past visiting artists have been amazing Oxbow alumni!


We are accepting proposals for the teaching artist-in-residence program. In order to apply, please email with the following information:

  • Your name + contact details
  • Your artist website, statement, and list of preferred materials
  • Your teaching experience and/or CV
  • A short proposal (300 words) describing a ten-day residency

Past Visiting Artists

OS1 Fall 1999

OS2 Spring 2000

OS3 Fall 2000

OS4 Spring 2001

OS5 Spring 2001

OS6 Spring 2002

OS7 Fall 2002

OS8 Spring 2003

OS9 Fall 2003

OS10 Spring 2004

OS11 Fall 2004

OS12 Spring 2005

OS13 Fall 2005

OS14 Spring 2006

OS15 Fall 2006

OS16 Spring 2007

OS17 Fall 2007

OS18 Spring 2008

OS19 Fall 2008

OS20 Spring 2009

OS21 Fall 2009

OS22 Spring 2010

OS23 Fall 2010

OS24 Spring 2011

OS25 Fall 2011

OS26 Spring 2012

OS27 Fall 2012

OS28 Spring 2013

OS29 Fall 2013

OS30 Spring 2014

OS31 Fall 2014

OS32 Spring 2015

OS33 Fall 2015

OS34 Spring 2016

OS35 Fall 2016

OS36 Spring 2017

OS37 Fall 2017

Artists In Residence

Anya Gallaccio
Larry Thomas

Artist Lectures

John Roloff
Gay Outlaw
Brendan Sullivan (OS4)

OS38 Spring 2018

Artist Lectures

Lewis deSoto
Linda Connor
Alake Shilling (OS22)

OS39 Fall 2018

OS40 Spring 2019

Artists In Residence

Natan Daskal
Judith Belzer

Artist Lectures

Nicole Mueller
Shiva Ahmad
Clay Gibson (OS20)

OS41 Fall 2019

Artists In Residence

Robin Hill
Anneli Henriksson (OS19)

OS42 Spring 2020

OS44 Summer 2021

Artists In Residence

VA Program Temporarily Paused Due to COVID-19

Artist Lectures

VA Program Temporarily Paused Due to COVID-19

OS45 Fall 2021

Artists In Residence

VA Program Temporarily Paused Due to COVID-19

Artist Lectures

Jennifer Stratton

OS46 Spring 2022

OSAI01 Summer 2022

OS47 Fall 2022

OS48 Spring 2023

OSAI02 Summer 2023

Artists In Residence

Lucio Arellano

OS49 Fall 2023

OS50 Spring 2024

Artist Lectures

To be announced

OSAI03 Summer 2024

Artists In Residence

To be announced

Artist Lectures

To be announced