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Previous art and studio experience is helpful but not required, as instruction at Oxbow supports emerging talents in a nurturing but rigorous environment. The multi-disciplinary Studio Art courses at The Oxbow School guides students through a series of carefully conceived assignments that build skills and provide instruction in multiple studio areas while encouraging students to pursue areas of their own interest in depth.

Visiting Artist residencies and workshops engage students in individual and collaborative work, and major research-based projects allow students to design creative projects of their own choosing with the potential to integrate diverse media and art-making strategies. Over the course of the semester, students develop a critical eye and an individual voice and they acquire a working knowledge of issues in contemporary art. Students learn to manage their time, understand their creative process, and expand their aesthetic thinking while growing as a community of artists. Students will receive two Honors Studio Art credits while at The Oxbow School in addition to their academic credits.

At Oxbow, students are encouraged to work in mediums of their choice and to experiment with new mediums. Students have most commonly pursued the following mediums:










Performance Art



Book Arts

Figure Drawing

Digital Arts


Alternative Process


Product Design

Graphic Design

Interior Design


Relief Printing

Virtual Reality


The Painting studio is equipped with all the supplies students need for ambitious projects in drawing, painting, and mixed media collage. Students work in charcoal, watercolor, ink, gouache, acrylic, oil, and many other materials. Students are encouraged to incorporate traditional techniques alongside experimental approaches. They experiment with abstraction, representation, and everything in between.

Photography & New Media

The New Media studio is equipped with the tools and technology for still and moving image production, animation, and design. The New Media computer lab houses iMacs equipped with Adobe Creative Suite, along with photo scanners, monochrome and color laser printers, and a large-format printer. There is also a fully equipped black and white darkroom for film processing and alternative processes. Students are encouraged to use technology as an aid in achieving their creative and artistic goals. Please visit our YouTube page to see Video/Film work and Animation work.


The Sculpture studio has all the equipment students need to work in three dimensions including a woodshop, metal working equipment, clay and plaster tools, and sewing machines. Students are encouraged to work in new and experimental media and to use many different techniques and processes to best communicate their ideas.


The Printmaking studio is a professional-level intaglio facility equipped with presses and all of the necessary tools and materials. Students may also be supported in learning other techniques such as monotypes, relief printing, and bookmaking. Students new to printmaking are supported in many techniques with an emphasis on versatility and exploration to feel empowered in the studio.

For more examples of the scope and breadth of student work please visit the Final Project Gallery.