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Now Hiring: Oxbow Humanities Teacher and Dorm Head



The Oxbow School seeks to hire a dynamic, collaborative, forward-thinking educator to teach Humanities. The ideal candidate possesses experience teaching a wide range of topics in the Humanities, including both English and U.S. History. The Oxbow School welcomes lifelong learners willing to grow as teachers and mentors. Prospective colleagues should embrace working with students who possess a range of abilities, talents and learning styles.

THE OXBOW SCHOOL. The Oxbow School is a one-semester visual arts program for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and gap semester students from public and independent high-schools nationwide. The school offers forty-two students a unique educational experience focused on the in-depth study and practice of the visual arts. The four month program encourages motivated students to pursue a serious interest in art while meeting and furthering their high school diploma requirements. The goal is not to produce career artists, but to empower students to see with clarity and engage in mindful critical inquiry to become active participants in the world. Through work in the studio, trips to museums and galleries, and projects with visiting artists in residence, Oxbow provides students with direct exposure to the richness and diversity of contemporary art and culture. The Oxbow School is founded on the belief that engagement with the arts fosters and supports flexible thinking skills, and that creative thinking is particularly valuable for students in today's increasingly complex global community. Located at the oxbow of the Napa River in Napa, California, the pedagogical approach at Oxbow includes team-teaching and interdisciplinary connections. To learn more, please visit our website here.

POSITION. This interdisciplinary teaching position is a full-time position (mid-August 2024 to June 2025) that integrates English with U.S. History and studio art. The residential nature of The Oxbow School requires that faculty live on campus and participate as full members of the Oxbow community while school is in session. This includes eating meals in the dining hall, acting as an important liaison between students and parents, and participating in elective opportunities. The interdisciplinary Humanities Teacher will engage and model Oxbow’s learner expectations: creative inquiry, effective communication, self-empowered learning, a collaborative mindset, and responsible citizenship.


  • Participate in ongoing curriculum collaboration with colleagues. The faculty work as a team to develop a curriculum based on the school’s unique mission. The Oxbow curriculum seeks to integrate artistic and academic disciplines through a system of co-teaching opportunities and thematic crossover between disciplines

  • Teach 1 section (up to 16) of students daily

  • Act as a Dorm Head, overseeing student affairs and dormitory needs

  • Evening studio/dorm duty 1-2x/week; weekend duty coverage roughly once per month

  • Lead a student advisory cohort of 6-8 students

  • Provide social-emotional support for students

  • Plan and participate in field trips

  • Lead an elective activity 1 session per week

  • Engage in ongoing professional development

  • Support student trajectory post Oxbow

  • Serve on various faculty/staff committees

  • Other assigned tasks as needed

Please send a cover letter and resume to Vaughn Gessley, Academic Dean with the subject line “Oxbow Humanities Teacher Application”


Starting salary: $59,000 (additional salary depending on years of experience); compensation includes room and board paid by the school and professional benefits (health, dental, and vision insurance)

The Oxbow School is an equal opportunity employer.

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