Employment Opportunities: Semester Program



The Oxbow School is a one-semester visual arts program for high school juniors, seniors, and gap year students from public and independent schools nationwide. The school offers forty-eight students a unique educational experience focused on the in-depth study and practice of the visual arts. The sixteen-week program encourages motivated students to pursue a serious interest in art while meeting and furthering their high school diploma requirements. The goal is not to produce career artists, but to empower students to see with clarity and engage in mindful critical inquiry to become active participants in the world. Through work in the studio, trips to museums and galleries, and projects with visiting artists-in-residence, Oxbow provides students with direct exposure to the rich diversity of contemporary art and culture. The Oxbow School is founded on the belief that engagement with the arts fosters and supports flexible thinking skills, and that creative thinking is particularly valuable for students in today's increasingly complex global community. Located at the oxbow of the Napa River in Napa, California, the pedagogical approach at The Oxbow School includes team-teaching and interdisciplinary connections.

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Employment Opportunities: Summer Camp


Since 1999, The Oxbow School has offered a one-semester, visual art-based program for high school juniors and seniors. In 2004, Oxbow added a unique summer camp program, Oxbow Summer Art Camp, for rising 9-12 graders. The camp features high-level professional art instruction using an interdisciplinary approach consisting of short-term projects, field trips, a personal final project, and co-curricular activities.

Job Descriptions:
Faculty Job Description (Open Positions: Painting)

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