Mikhaila Quezada

Sculpture Faculty

Mikhaila Quezada is a New York City-based artist and teacher. She grew up in Los Angeles County, and left to study at The Cooper Union School of Art. Her practice explores the limits of commodity objects – basically anything you can find at the 99¢ store. She believes in working with accessible materials, but is also frustrated by the massive availability of these disposable goods. Her work complicates standard art-making processes, and imagines preserved futures for single-use items. Mikhaila has attended two residencies at A-Z West in Joshua Tree, California, and has shown work with a NYC-based collective – A-Museum of Quickroots. Currently, she teaches art in NYC public schools. She is an Oxbow Semester Program alum, and this will be her third year on staff at Oxbow Summer Art Camp and her 2nd year teaching sculpture.