Mikhaila Quezada

Sculpture Faculty

Mikhaila Quezada is an artist and teacher from Los Angeles County. She studied sculpture at The Cooper Union in New York City, where she received her BFA. Her practice explores the limits of commodity objects - basically anything you can find at the 99¢ store. She is at once passionate about creating work with accessible material, and also horrified by the massive availability of these disposable goods. Her work connects our patterns of unruly, careless consumption to our modes of social interaction. She has attended two residencies at A-Z West in Joshua Tree, and has worked in after-school arts programs for K-12 throughout New York City. She is currently a gardener for a Brooklyn-based landscape company that works to revitalize native plant life in the urban environment. She is an Oxbow Semester alum, and this will be her third summer at Oxbow Summer Art Camp.