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Lauryn Hill


Lauryn Hill is currently living in Los Angeles where she runs Curated Splash LLC, Career Coaching for Creatives. She helps creatives utilize their unique talents to find work they love. She also sells her artwork on products for Aura Sugar Co. a female run handmade gift company. Find out more at www.curatedsplash.com.


Rebecca Manson


Rebecca Manson, after months of patient planning and fabrication, completed her interactive sculpture Sphere #2, 2016, 96'' x 96'' x 110'', porcelain, glaze, aluminum, epoxy, steel, and paint. Rebecca was Oxbow's first Alumni Visiting Artist Lecturer Fall 2013 (OS29).



Sarah Catlett


Sarah Catlett had a solo exhibition this past Spring 2015, is working with pen and ink drawings and illustrations, ceramics and sculpture. She's taking classes at Sierra College, is in the process of pursuing her MFA, is engaged and just became a mother! See more of her work.


Glenn Shambach


Glenn Shambach lives in Seattle, WA, is working for Amazon and designs board games.


Whitney Vangrin


Art Forum: Blood

Whitney Vangrin founded a New York artists-run project, exhibition, and events space named 1:1 with fellow artists Jarrett Earnest, Leigha Mason and Alex Sloan. An article about the 1:1 exhibit "All the Best People" was published in the March 2013 issue of Art Forum. Whitney also appeared in director Grant Singer’s short film IRL. The film was selected into the 2013 Festival De Cannes Court Metrage short film category.


Whitney Vangrin


Whitney Vangrin is living and working in New York and is pleased to announce the opening of 1to1NY, an artist-run project, exhibition, and events space in NYC. Their main concern is contemporary conceptual stances within a social context; an attitude of resistance that is actively pleasurable. They work with film, video, drawings, painting, sculpture, and performance, in tandem with frequent event. She co-founded the space with fellow artists Jarrett Earnest, Leigha Mason and Alex Sloan.

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