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Daniele Frazier


Daniele Frazier is seeking volunteers to help plant 3000 tulip bulbs in Highland Park, Brooklyn. She will be planting a 28-foot diameter circle of red tulips that will bloom in early spring of next year. This is a continuation of her artistic collaboration with NYC Parks and the Cypress Hills neighborhood.

When: 10am-5pm on December 7th
Where: Enter Lower Highland Park at Elton and Jamaica Ave and walk up the hill just north of the eastern baseball diamond. Map link here.
Transportation: J train to Cleveland

She needs your help digging holes and placing bulbs for any period of time you can offer between 10am and 5pm. This is a great opportunity to have hands-on involvement in a public artwork and to get to know the community. Water, snacks, and tools will be provided. She will be joined by high school students from the neighborhood.

Please spread the word! If you can make it, email me at danielefrazier@gmail.com so I can get a rough headcount of volunteers. Thank you!


Daniele frazier birdbath oxtales sept2019

Daniele Frazier


Daniele Frazier's most recent exhibition Small, Medium, Large was held this summer in Woodbury, CT.

"From sketch to tabletop model to work that dwarfs the artist, creating public art necessarily articulates stages in time: beginning, middle and end; conceived, constructed, created. The manifestation of large, durable work similarly spans artistic and technical approach: the artist must employ drafting, architectural model-making, physics, and engineering to achieve a “finished” project. The resulting mental gymnastics – the movement from “small” to “medium” to “large” – inform the title of this show." – Caitlin Tully

Read full press release and to see more of Daniele's work go to danielefrazier.com.

Frazier Daniel Os5Feb2018Oxtales

Daniele Frazier


Daniele Frazier was a participating artist last October in a 50 year celebration of public art in New York City Parks. Two of her artworks were on display. Socrates Sculpture Park showed her giant hammer and nail piece, It Takes Two and debuted a new artwork called Ursus Excursus: How to Draw a Polar Bear. danielefrazier.com


Gabriella Miller


View from the cargo ship
Gabriella Miller had a solo exhibit Torquoise Wake (Coal, Air, Chicken & Shit) at the Random Parts gallery in Oakland where she was an artist-in-residence.

Artist Gabby Miller Journeyed from Oakland to China by Cargo Ship
Installation, 2016, ceramic, lights, mirror

"In August 2015, with funding from the Asian Cultural Council, Oakland-based artist Gabby Miller crossed the Pacific Ocean on the CMA CGM Gemini, a 380-meter-long container ship, to Xiamen, China. On board, she developed Turquoise Wake (Coal, Air, Chicken & Shit), an ongoing project that explores the movement of goods, people and power across ocean lines. The body of work includes paintings she made with the ship’s engine oil, photographs she took at sea, fragments from family archives, and the piece 609 Containers (1967), a pile of small-scale ceramic recreations of shipping containers."
- Emily Hunt, KQED Visual Arts (read full article)

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