Lindsey Eskind and Natalie Ebaugh



"LYLAS came about as a means for five artists from around the country to stay in touch and sustain creative energy. Materials and concepts in the show reflect their collective consciousness; a palimpsest of identities and sexual perceptions, conveyed through both nastalgic and novel ephemera, mediums, and technologies. All of this is explored with a sense of humor and playfulness."


Colin Fraker



Colin Fraker is working in a cabinet shop and creating some amazing pieces of his own like this beautiful nightstand!


Kristen Gibbs



Kristen Gibbs graduated from the certificate program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) and will complete her undergraduate degree at University of Pennsylvania through PAFA and UPenn's combined BFA program. Kris received the John R. Conner Memorial Prize in Printmaking and the Henry C. Pratt Prize in Printmaking at PAFA and sold paintings in PAFA'S Annual Student Exhibition. She just finished a very rewarding internship teaching drawing and painting in a free after-school program for high school students in Philadelphia and is currently teaching at a preschool. She was also included in the Kennedy Center’s 12th Annual Infinite Earth exhibition of emerging artists.


Nicole Saenz


Nicole Saenz having spent a semester in Buenos Aires graduated with a degree in Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz. She is spending this year working and volunteering in health clinics around Sacramento until next year, when she hopes to receive her Post-Baccalaureate certificate in health and then go on to medical school.


Megan Abell


Megan Abell is Director of a political consulting firm in Berkeley and organizing a field campaign for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and loving it!


Audrey Snyder



Audrey Snyder is excited to share the project she and Joe Riley are working on this summer Parallel Cases-Tramp Printing and the Abandoned Railroads of Northern California.

Starting June 20th Joe and Audrey drove cross country, from Richmond, Va, to San Francisco, CA with their Kelsey Excelsior 3"x5" Letterpress, a custom build rail-bike, and a carload of gear to start their trip into the abandoned rail-lines of Northern California. In early July, they traveled down a series of abandoned railroad tracks that once connected areas of industrial production and raw materials with metropolitan areas within the state but are now unused. They have modified bicycles, adding a clamp attachment to the front wheel and an outrigger (easier said than done) which allows them to ride on the rails. This project was inspired by the legacy of the tramp printers, a group of itinerant type setters during the golden days of type who hopped freight trains from town to town in search of a couple days work. According to their tradition, a printer's training was not complete unless they had traveled, and they have taken up their methods and means as a way to both collect and distribute their findings. They have proposed this project as a way to is to situate themselves in this lost landscape by traveling a series of abandoned train tracks in Northern California on rail-bikes with the aim of producing a primary document of their experience of the past and present states of the lines they travel.


They received the Benjamin Menchel Fellowship and look forward to showing in the fall at the Cooper Union! You can follow their progress and periodic updates along the way: http://parallelcases.tumblr.com/


Thomas Puhl


Thomas Puhl - Hey all, I just got out of basic military triaining in technical training on my way to the operational air force...falling in the families foot steps working on my art degree through the government.

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